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Sleep Apnoea

pymble-sleep-apnoeaIf you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea by your doctor, you would have been recommended a list things to do to help you improve. These include losing weight, quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol and helpful tips, such as sleeping on your side. It is important that you follow these instructions to help manage and improve your sleep apnoea long term. Our practice can construct an anti snoring device which will immediately improve your symptoms. The device consists of two custom made sleep guards for your upper and lower jaws. The connector between the guards can adjust to how much you need to protrude your lower jaw forward in order to open up your airway to eliminate or reduce snoring. The procedure consists of two short appointments one week apart. First we take an accurate impression of your upper and lower teeth so we can make moulds, and then we fit and adjust them to your jaw positions after they have been constructed in a dental lab. It is a simple, user friendly device which can improve your sleep apnoea immediately.


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